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James W. Laycock

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August 6, 2014

Mr. Foster and M. Steena Daughdrill
PO Box 606
3416 Suter Rd.
Gautier, MS 39553


Dear Mr. Foster and Ms. Daughdrill,

Today we were scheduled for a cleaning/tune-up of our residential five tone heat pump system under our Residential Energy Savings Agreement with your company. I previously set up the agreement on the phone with Nancy who I found to be very professional.

The primary purpose of writing you today is to thank you for the outstanding performance of your air-conditioning technician, Kenny C, (I didn’t write down his last name). Over many years living on the MS Gulf Coast I have dealt with numerous people in the air-conditioning business. Never have I had anyone as knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Kenny’s attention to detail was extremely impressive. He inspected and cleaned every part of both our outside and indoor systems completely and even inspected every joint in the duct work in the attic. He corrected a problem with the condensation drain and sealed an air leak on the interior air handler. He also found a tear in the insulation on one of the ducts in our attic which he repaired. After restoring the AC system to operation he checked Freon line pressures and the temperature of every ceiling vent to ensure our system was performing properly. This is not even close to a complete list of all Kenny did to ensure our system was operating at optimum performance.

I had wondered if getting a Residential Energy Savings Agreement with Foster’s AC and Heating would be worth the money. After witnessing the depth and thoroughness of Kenny’s inspection, cleaning and tune-up there is no question in my mind that it was absolutely the right thing to do.

Today I called your office and asked that if at all possible Kenny be assigned to perform inspections on our AC system in the future,


James W. Laycock