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Blown Insulation

Jet Stream 73.3 Quality

Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, this low dust, low static, higher performing insulation provides an excellent energy-efficient barrier for all seasons and climates. Jet Stream 73.3 Blowing Insulation is made of 100% virgin wool and is GREENGUARD For Children and SchoolsTM Certified to meet the toughest indoor air quality standards in the industry. Jet Stream 73.3 blows fast, even and clean with superior consistency and low dust, to give your finished job professional appearance.

Fire Resistant

  • Non-combustible (ASTM E 136)

Indoor Air Quality

  • Jet Stream 73.3 is GreenGuard for Children and Schools certified.


  • Achieves R-30 at 10 3/8 inches.

Jet Stream 73.3 takes thermal efficiencies even higher.

Jet Stream 73.3’s greater thermal efficiency allows for more square foot coverage on a per pound basis than all other fiber glass blowing insulations. Its higher thermal performance per inch delivers more R-value at the eaves or in low pitch attics, making it the best choice to insulate or re-insulate attics and hard to reach areas. And with Jet Stream 73.3’s unique “platinum” color you know you’re getting the product performance you deserve.